Thursday, July 22, 2010

one life to live..

i wish every morning when i watch the news or read the newspaper,
there are less reports of deaths, mishaps and accidents;
but more than anything what i most pray for nowadays is
not another news of suicides being committed by today's youngsters.

from a child of class as young as 8th to a bright smart college student,
it just seems to be the trend of the day
just wonder what makes them take this extreme step,
how they are driven towards it, i am just full of shock and dismay.

from not passing in exams which matter least, a fight with someone known or stranger
or simply showing that you love someone, the reasons are unbelievable and manifold,
but how can anything be so motivating for someone to make him
give up his life, lo and behold!

be it the overload of information via the media or the lack of love and care but
something like this needs to stop, before the situation goes out of control.
the simple fact remains that kids today are growing up faster yet not mature enough,
and for this the school and parents have to play a very significant role

just think about the loved ones who are left by,the near and dear ones
with no choice but to accept the fact that you are no longer there with them
think about all those years they spent making your every wish come true
if still nothing seems to stop you, just go to your family and spend few moments with them.

coz you got one life to live, and you gotta live it to the fullest
and make the most of it while you are alive
remember if god brought mankind on earth
only he and no one else has the right to take away our life


  1. very true !! - aparna

  2. also committing suicide is not the same as pressing a reset button in ur life. if u r facing some hardships , and instead of living it out, you go kill yourself, in ur next life, u r likely to face even worse problems, so its better to deal with a known quantity ....

  3. just think about the loved ones who are left by => very true. just the mere thought of people you mean the world to should be sufficient to dispel such doubts. i guess that many people who think of taking this drastic step have too much attention on some failure/misfortune that has just befallen them, and do not think of the happiness that preceded and will soon definitely succeed too.

  4. Live with the belief that the best is yet to come..!!!