Friday, July 9, 2010

LAW FAC DIARY -1- looking back-for my clc gang specially

this one is dedicated to all my friends at clc, law fac north campus..

today in the morning before coming to office, i decided to pay a visit to the college to collect my marksheet..had been long since i had seen my campus so i left early morning and reached college by 10am.. as usual the office was closed and the concerned person had not come yet..met up with a few friends, chatted with them and while i was sitting near the nescafe area, the past 3 years started to flash in front of me.. it struck me that i had spent 3 whole long years coming to this very college every day, changing all sorts of modes of transport possible; from bus to auto to metro to rikshaw to car to walking, it used to be a mission coming here and then being told that the teachers had not turned up or just sitting outside and not entering the class without any reason whatsoever.. on one hand it feels that this time went by tooo damn fast, on the other hand it appears that oh gosh so much happened all this while...never thought why i was taking up law or why i was leaving a job in a magazine for studies again, almost anyone and everyone thought i was crazy enough to be doing a bachelors again after a post graduate but then it turned out well for me i guess..

looking around the campus, the tree near the banta guy where we had lots and lots of bantas and the guys had their chai and sutta sessions,
the nescafe with its pathetic coffee and soup yet our only saviour in a college without any canteen or a cafe,
d clasrooms where we used to mostly sit in the last benches, chit, talk by writing on paper and 
where the fans would run in a speed worth watching, 
where the dogs also sometimes paid a visit and attended a lecture sitting beneath our legs, 
where a sir named LMG (with all due respect he's one of the best teachers and persons i have come across so far) in who's class 90% would run away in front of him from the back door and he would
where one could see the best and worst of student politics during the university election time in september-with hooting and demonstrations and fights and slogans and female contestants being carried on shoulders of 4 guys or in a jeep, or bricks being thrown on the opponent's cars (me and sakshi have been witness to that ), ; 
CLC- where exams seemed a never ending phenomenon, one term ended, another one started and before we even knew, we were again taking holidays to study those dukkis or books or case mats, 
where scoring 60 was first a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig deal then it became common in the subsequent terms, where how to get marks had become a divine secret which only the few had discovered(which is not the case really ),,
CLC- where Dress Code was  a concept, UNKNOWN to this part of the world. before joining i thought that being a professional college it would be a bit strict on discipline, formal wear etc but within 2months i realised this was one amongst those places where YOU WERE REALLY FREE..from shorts to dresses to chappals to guys in sandoz and gals in micro shorts too..all variety was available here..

CLC- where "internships" were the in-thing, coming to college in black and white meant that you were interning under a lawyer or in a law firm or somewhere like this..and the first question asked to you would be "kahan intern kar rahi hai", :) where even i worked in places for free to my utter surprise, coz like many i also had the notion that i would never do any job under anyone and not get paid..but law taught me how money had to be sidelined many a times and even i succumbed to it eventually..
CLC- which was famous for its utterly non-happening fresher parties and fests but luckily, in our time this year we did have a fest and a decent one at that..the only time in college life where i stayed in college till 8-9pm and we all did enjoy a lot...
 CLC- where i was lucky ,very lucky indeed to have a got a great bunch of friends gals and later guys with who life here became wonderful, fun, meaningful, memorable and worth cherishing,
where i discovered THE U-SPECIAL, a novel university special bus which was many a times much much more wonderful an experience with my bus gang , a crazy gang which laughed and chatted like hell and never did i feel goin to college would be so much fun and the long distance would go by in no span of time..
to be contd..


  1. wonderful piece Sonia... I wish you a successful and bright career ahead...God bless..:)

  2. waiting for lac faculty diary 2,3,4,..... wonderful and honest expression of feeling.... :)

  3. amazing one sonia... :)

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