Thursday, July 8, 2010

germany down near yet so far

Call it the fate decided by the famous paul n the german octopus which chose spain over germany or be it the very average game played by the germans that night, the end result is that once again they could not make it to the finals..seems like it has become repetitive in their case.. when i go through their competition records i find that Germany has won the world cup three times, behind only brazil (five titles) and italy (four titles).
It has finished as runners-up four times. In terms of semifinal appearances, Germany leads with 12, two more than Brazil's 10, which had participated in two more tournaments. In the last 15 World Cup tournaments, Germany has always reached at least the stage of the last eight teams.
and yesterday as the clock struck 12 and i sat in front of the tv and the match began, something inside me already had the intuition that its not gonna be their day today..though they had played some amazing football against england and then argentina moving away from their defensive image and attacking as well, but the moment this match started,,something seemed amiss..
the first half was dominated by spain with few chances which they missed..the only one chance germany got was almost at half time but that too was not successful
the second half again belonged to the spaniards.. the header in the 73rd minute almost made it clear that it was goodbye for germany..
what was surprising was that they looked so damn well prepared and devastating in their previous matches but last night, philipp lahm and his team seemed totaly helpless against a very strong and determined spanish team which enter their very first finals of the world cup
it is sad when a team you support throughout not just this world cup but in the previous ones as well lose out without giving much of a fight.. but is a sport..and whoever plays the best game that night..wins....

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  1. it was sad that even after such a good run in this world cup . Germany couldn't make it to finals . But that day Spain was way above Germany. Maybe needed "Hand of God" to save them but God showed them the middle finger. ..:)

    Nothing offensive to German fans.....