Monday, April 22, 2019


To give you a small glimpse of what’s in store let me just say that the book has been narrated through the eyes and ears of my protagonist Sia, a budding lawyer who tried out every possible training opportunity she could lay her hands on before finalizing on where she wanted to be after she finished her graduation.
The stories are a by product of certain incidents during her diverse experiences in the legal system as each one of them affected her and impacted her in some way and taught her something about life as well.  She sometimes did it for the sole purpose of beautification of her CV, but mostly she did it for the real and genuine motive of getting acquainted with the legal process, learning the nuances of litigation(court practice), the nitti gritties of the profession thereby enabling them to gather some experience beforehand itself.
Sia explored the opportunities that came her way for all of the reasons above. Little did she know that her experiences would teach her not just law but something more as well.
Now normally, a book which is a compilation of short stories has an independent story each. Rarely are those stories interrelated or interconnected. Infact, while writing this book, I realized that trying to keep a story short and crisp is extremely challenging as compared to penning a single long story. This book is a tad different, as all the six stories herein have one common protagonist Sia, and one common thread which binds them all i.e. Law. 
Each story revolves around one of the 6 elements which I feel are critical to this profession, the elements being; the Case, the Court (Judge),  the Counsel, the Complainant, the Confinement and the Criminal (defendant or accused).
While the first three stories are based on the elements of The Complainant, The Court and The Case and are court room dramas with a dash of satire, the fourth story is based on the element “The Counsel” and is dedicated to a lawyer whom I personally had the experience of working with.
The last two stories are based on the elements of The Confinement and The Criminal and are the protagonist’s eccentric but memorable experiences of visiting an Indian Prison. It is for all those who have only imagined how a prison is, seen in movies or heard from friends and have never ever seen in reality. Inspired by true incidents, the names of the prison and the accused have been withheld for obvious reasons.
I wish this book reaches out to not just those who are a part of the legal profession, but also the youth in particular who are trying to get back to the habit of reading, be it the e-way. 
Whether you know anything about law or not, I hope this interests you, inspires you to enter this profession and perhaps impacts you in some way.