Thursday, August 18, 2011

making a mountain out of a mole-

Dear fellow country men, dear team anna, dear parliamentarians,

As i see all the news channels flooded with minute by minute updates and details of this mass hysterical movement called indians against corruption and we support anna hazare, i cannot stop myself from getting upset and angry at the same time. I am upset because i am tired of watching the same visuals on each channel, hear every second person talk about the same event, and read every second article in the newspaper on this movement which is being termed as the next best revolution india has ever witnessed. I feel sad for the media, mainly for the hundreds of cameramen who are literally spending nights and
days trying to capture the images which would give their bosses better trp's.

I feel sad for Mr Manmohan Singh and his entire family, i am sure he would be recalling that dreadful day when he accepted to be appointed the prime minister of this country. All this while, he has been made a scapegoat and getting all blame and criticism for maybe some but not all fault of his. I wonder if he ever got even one night's sound sleep in his whole tenure being the executive head of the country and this is one question i would like to ask him if ever i get the chance. I feel amazed and surprised by HOW MUCH INDIANS are obsessed with this street protests, candle light marches, this 'we are united 'approach which is probably more a result of movies like rang
de basanti, peepli live etc. And considering we indians like to follow the herd without using much of our own brains , i am still amazed at the number of people who have no othe work than wearing anna related merchandise and getting their whole families on the roads to protest against the current government.

I feel most sad for the small children, the babies, the 1-2 year olds who dont even have any idea whatsoever about anything and would have loved to be playing in their
house or watching cartoons but alas their mothers feel it better for them to be a part of this historic movement also.
And while being a law graduate coupled with a journalism background always inquisitive and ready to question eevrything, i cannot help but confess that i am unable to support this movement from its inception. My friends , family may call me rude, arrogant, selfish, pro congress etc etc but the fact is, i am not ready just not ready to be a part of something if i do not feel it from within my heart with perhaps the same passion as anna and his team. I do not feel any moral obligation whatsoever to visit india gate or tihar jail and stand there and shout slogans. I know i have not even given a missed call to show my
support. But i do not feel guilty for doing so.

And we may be in a minority and it doesnt even affect me if there are others who feel like i do but the fact is that this issue has been transformed into something which it isnt. At the first instance, people have not even studied the lokpal bill and its pros and cons, its practicality its implementation constraints and have thronged the streets with we want lokpal banners. If the so called civil society which i must say is a hugely exaggerated term wants to be a part of the bill drafting team then how can they just expect their version of the bill to be accurate and supreme?. For there is just one and only
truth of our country's set up and the way it functions- that the parliament and the supreme court is the law of the land. You cannot extract the law making power away from the legislature . You can question you can debate you can suggest but if you want to be a part of it then follow the legal route, contest an election and come to power. And then use your power in the right way and get justice for the people.

I wonder why people like kiran bedi anna arvind kejriwal with all due respect to them are not contesting elections. If they are so confident then their reach and publicity will make them win even if they stand as independent candidates. This government was chosen by the people and if we are not happy with it then we have all the power in the world to change it. But let us not make a mountain out of a mole, let us not use this corruption issue and attack anyone we want, let us not force our opinions on the government because no matter how much you hate them, it is not easy being a politician and one needs to
realise it.

And look at how the opposition is again acting as an opportunist and using this movement spreading it further to meet its own ends and interests. If we had a healthy co-operative opposition which was really so concerned with fighting corruption and not trying to bring down the ruling party, we would have seen them as mediators and not supporters of team anna.
And then comes the bigger question. Is it just not a trend which has started where normal public life is disturbed, roads are jammed, voices raised unity displayed, but everyone is forgetting, WE ARE ALSO PART OF CAUSE OF THIS CORRUPTION. I am not willing to accept that there are no parents who will not be ready to pay extra bucks to secure a seat in the medical colleges, that we are so clean in our hearts that if one fine day we are on the other side and have power in our hands we wont use it to our benefit.

Instead of changing midsets, going to the rootcauses and trying to create more awareness about effective leaders and using our power to choose them, all we are ending up doing is standing on one corner in this war against corruption. But let us not forget, our enemies are our own people, maybe our own selves a bit and may be there are other means to let our voices heard than the way it is being done right now.

Hope i make some sense. As i said before, You dont have to agree with me at all :)