Thursday, July 22, 2010

one life to live..

i wish every morning when i watch the news or read the newspaper,
there are less reports of deaths, mishaps and accidents;
but more than anything what i most pray for nowadays is
not another news of suicides being committed by today's youngsters.

from a child of class as young as 8th to a bright smart college student,
it just seems to be the trend of the day
just wonder what makes them take this extreme step,
how they are driven towards it, i am just full of shock and dismay.

from not passing in exams which matter least, a fight with someone known or stranger
or simply showing that you love someone, the reasons are unbelievable and manifold,
but how can anything be so motivating for someone to make him
give up his life, lo and behold!

be it the overload of information via the media or the lack of love and care but
something like this needs to stop, before the situation goes out of control.
the simple fact remains that kids today are growing up faster yet not mature enough,
and for this the school and parents have to play a very significant role

just think about the loved ones who are left by,the near and dear ones
with no choice but to accept the fact that you are no longer there with them
think about all those years they spent making your every wish come true
if still nothing seems to stop you, just go to your family and spend few moments with them.

coz you got one life to live, and you gotta live it to the fullest
and make the most of it while you are alive
remember if god brought mankind on earth
only he and no one else has the right to take away our life

Monday, July 19, 2010

for all the C.A's and trying to be C.A's....

plight of trying to be c.a' sympathiessss

(have been trying to put off writing on this topic for long..but today just cannot resist...)

how would i feel if i am a student entering the exam hall knowing that "fail toh hone ka chance full on hai",,how would i feel if i am an examiner and i have been told to flunk as many as possible, keep the bar tooo high, check too damn strictly and the future of the student rests in my hands?? welcome to the world of this famous, wanted, crazy, profession called  C.A...THEY SAY its the journey that matters towards the end,,true because this very journey seeems just never never ending ...

today in the morning the c.a. result came out.. once again hardly 15% would have passed..i had to check the result of my friend good news was it was my friend yashaswini's birthday today and she messaged me that she had cleared finally..was very happy for her...and then i typed random roll numbers and all i saw was some more..
kinda shock for me because this word "fail"- i have always tried to keep away from me as much as possible but when you see people close to you work hard and not get the desired does hurt a bit..
howwever,  i wont be the kind to talk about luck and chance coz i strongly feel if you have worked hard and IN THE RIGHT WAY, noone can stop you from suceeding.. what about the 15% who did clear..if they could, then so could you...

so i always thought it was tough to crack iim's, iit's, civil services exams but one could sail through c.a with some good efforts..? beyond them..because over the past few years i have come across this virus called C.A- chartered accountancy profession-one of the most sought after professions in our country but very rarely do i see or hear of it in the media.. while one part of the country is busy in taking up science and creating engineers out of their homes, there is a chunk--and mind you a very large chunk comprising equal number of boys and girls who visit the institute of chartered accountants of india each year with the dream of becoming a CA one day..and does that day come very soon? sorry more often than does not... !!!

in a large part of our country, those with commerce background,, usually take up and/or fill the form for CA.. though now the course curriculum and scheme has changed but the fact remains has a very very very low passing percentage.. when i took up law atleast i was assured of my degree..that i shall be getting it unless some divine intervention makes me flunk exams..but not just me most of our fields, or those doin mba's atleast know they shall complete it..but when it comes to this dreadful course..once u enter..there is just NO looking back.. and this i know from the fact that though i was myself doing bcom but never really got convinced to do it (was not found of finance and practical subjects) but have seen many around me , a lot of my friends, acquaintances, and my closest friends go through this torture as i best call it.. 

the institute says they want to take only the cream, the best of the lot, if they clear more students, then the value of the course shall diminish..also since the recession and the satyam fiasco the demand has reduced a bit and the government has become more stringent in their directives towards the institute to have tougher exams, tougher checking, and the ultimate sufferers are the poor students... endless list of subjects, numerous hours of coaching at centres all over india, 3 years of training in any office with meagre stipend (many times unpaid too), fill countless number of pages by the name of POSTALS- which is just a  cut copy paste of topics in the book..then exams every may and november, and by the time u have time to breathe ur result comes out u fail and then back to the grind again..

i have nothing against the fact that it is a tough should be.. after all once u become a c.a. there is a plethora of options and its upto you whether you make or mar your career.. but i just feel for the student..after doing the very same subject so many times and flunnking, wont the value of this very course diminish in his/her life??.. what i want to know is whether the study material given by the institute up to date? if they blame students for going for coaching then can they vouch for the fact that their material is good enough? fact is it is not..and one has to refer to various books, famous coaching institutes to the likes of ajai jain,  v g gupta, etc.. and it aint cheap tooo..
i just feel sad for the students.. if out of 20,000 say 10% pass that is 2000 then the rest have no option but to wait have patience and do better in the next shot...

i am no c.a to give any advice on how to clear the exams..infact sometimes i feel soo motivated to just join it for the heck of it to see and know what is the deal all about,, why is it sooo damn tough to clear..or is it that students are not getting the best direction ..specially those in the small town areas who have less access to internet, and other new technologies?? and if the demand is soo less..then its better to take in less students at the first instance so that the others can look for other options and avenues...

yes becoming a c.a. is a big deal..its a good deal for sure.. but if the journey is not at all worth remembering and so tiresome, and monotonous, then something should be done to address the grievance and plight of these students whose life career and future depends on certain examiners who are checking their answer sheets...
think about it...

a divine image- by william blake..

read and liked it..

Cruelty has a human heart,
And Jealousy a human face;
Terror the human form divine,
And secrecy the human dress.

The human dress is forged iron,
The human form a fiery forge,
The human face a furnace seal'd,
The human heart its hungry gorge.

Monday, July 12, 2010

fifa ends..cwg inches closer..wory for india all along..

last night was an amazing spectacular show organised by the south africans.. ofcourse everyone was awaiting the final match but the closing ceremony preceding it was worth being in africa and watching.. the use of lights colours graphics technology the way the show had been put up, i was just wondering what would india be doing when we have the commonwealth games here in delhi this october.. the state of affairs as it stands, on every road in delhi, there seems to be some construction..something dug up, or something about to be dug up.. metros, flyovers, road bridges, subways, so on and so forth.. visit the heart of delhi c,p someday and you would give ur eyes a this the connaught place i used to come to? would be the first reaction..
and then i wonder, is the government spending all its time and money on the display or is it even making sure we have a team of young and fit sportsmen and women who are going to atleast try and win some medals? after all we are  the host nation, our own players and athletes gotta be good and emerge winners more frequent than they usually do isnt it??

my third observation while i was watching fifa this whole month.. just look at the way the people just throng into their streets earing all sorts of weird and interesting clothes, with huge screens showing the matches, the enthusiasm, the passion they share for their country, yes for us cricket is our religion but if i sit and imagine myself standing in some open ground along with my friends, m most likely to experience some weird comments from weird guys, some stares and with the kind of image delhiites have after being touted as the most unsafe city for delhi girls which i completely agree with, i wait for this day when indians would celebrate such events, or for eg new years together with everyone without any fear...
i know things have been changing, this time at a lot of places matches were screened and everyone did enjoy too..but then it is sad when you have to choose a country from amongst a couple of football playing nations to be loyal too buy their jerseys and root for them coz..your very own country never really qualifies for the world cup.. if only we would move away from cricket a bit and focus on such games, as i do feel many guys do have a passion for football and if only the government could promote it would be good for the nation..

lastly, a word about yesterday's match.. i was neutral as germany was anyways not playing and initially i was even hoping for a dutch win but the way they played yesterday totally disgusted all of us i am did not feel like watching a good game at all..there was a rain of yellow cards, kicking, some more kicking, it was a do or die situation, win by hook or by crook, and seeing all that it was clear spain were clearly more deserving..n seeing casillas crying..and the happiness on their faces,,clearly..amazing...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

""IF ONLY""... (11/07/2010)


it was a rainy day, she sat by the riverside, on the cold wet grass
facing the shining blue waters;
the soft breeze making her hair sway, the light drizzle forming on the face
small water droplets.
it was almost evening, the sun bidding its goodbye for the day,
it was looking beautiful;
but her mind and heart were choked, as if she could see nothing in front of her
even though it was so wonderful.

she looked at her hands, at the small piece of paper crushed
into tiny pieces which they now held;
if only..if only she could go back in time and undo something,
if only this one last chance she had.

just a few minutes ago, he was here,standing in front of her
her heart beating faster than before;
it amazed her, even after so many years, his presence had that impact,
still gave her goosebumps for sure.
seeing him generated a hope in her heart, maybe it would all be good and
work out somehow again;
but god had other plans, in moments she would know she would never ever
see him again.

at first she was filled with rage, pushed him away,then the tears
started flowing down her cheeks rapidly;
he tried to pacify her, she was uncontrollable, how could he watch her,
he also still loved her truly and madly.

when nothing worked, he gave her the piece of paper,it felt like
he was giving her away, someone who he thought he always had;
if only..if only  he could go back in time and undo something,
if only this one last chance he had.....                                    (11/07/2010)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

a dream i lived.. (written on 30/09/2004).. felt like sharing now..

'A Dream..I Lived...'                       -wrote on 30/09/04

One day in the dark, as i was sitting in my room,
All alone, all lost, in a world of gloom.
Thoughts of the future, and of the past,
Cropping up in my mind and were troubling my heart

Felt as if my whole life was losing its meaning,
And was making me doubt the purpose of my living.
All depressed, and totally shattered,
I began to cry, and nothing anymore mattered.

Just then i felt a touch, a hand that wiped my tears,
And appeared a face, I had not seen in all these years.
All shining with a radiant smile, he came closer to my ears,
And slowly whispered, 'forget your doubts and your fears.
Do not worry my friend, as I am there.'

And there I was, standing motionless,
Taken away by shock, and completely speechless.
And before I knew, the beautiful face vanished,
It felt like a dream, a dream i lived.

The wonderful moment had just passed,
And suddenly it felt all my worries had also passed.
I could feel the energy, the excitement in me,
As if all dying to live, was an all-new 'ME'...
                              (this was totaly imaginary..doesnot indicate about any body specific...)

Friday, July 9, 2010

LAW FAC DIARY -1- looking back-for my clc gang specially

this one is dedicated to all my friends at clc, law fac north campus..

today in the morning before coming to office, i decided to pay a visit to the college to collect my marksheet..had been long since i had seen my campus so i left early morning and reached college by 10am.. as usual the office was closed and the concerned person had not come yet..met up with a few friends, chatted with them and while i was sitting near the nescafe area, the past 3 years started to flash in front of me.. it struck me that i had spent 3 whole long years coming to this very college every day, changing all sorts of modes of transport possible; from bus to auto to metro to rikshaw to car to walking, it used to be a mission coming here and then being told that the teachers had not turned up or just sitting outside and not entering the class without any reason whatsoever.. on one hand it feels that this time went by tooo damn fast, on the other hand it appears that oh gosh so much happened all this while...never thought why i was taking up law or why i was leaving a job in a magazine for studies again, almost anyone and everyone thought i was crazy enough to be doing a bachelors again after a post graduate but then it turned out well for me i guess..

looking around the campus, the tree near the banta guy where we had lots and lots of bantas and the guys had their chai and sutta sessions,
the nescafe with its pathetic coffee and soup yet our only saviour in a college without any canteen or a cafe,
d clasrooms where we used to mostly sit in the last benches, chit, talk by writing on paper and 
where the fans would run in a speed worth watching, 
where the dogs also sometimes paid a visit and attended a lecture sitting beneath our legs, 
where a sir named LMG (with all due respect he's one of the best teachers and persons i have come across so far) in who's class 90% would run away in front of him from the back door and he would
where one could see the best and worst of student politics during the university election time in september-with hooting and demonstrations and fights and slogans and female contestants being carried on shoulders of 4 guys or in a jeep, or bricks being thrown on the opponent's cars (me and sakshi have been witness to that ), ; 
CLC- where exams seemed a never ending phenomenon, one term ended, another one started and before we even knew, we were again taking holidays to study those dukkis or books or case mats, 
where scoring 60 was first a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig deal then it became common in the subsequent terms, where how to get marks had become a divine secret which only the few had discovered(which is not the case really ),,
CLC- where Dress Code was  a concept, UNKNOWN to this part of the world. before joining i thought that being a professional college it would be a bit strict on discipline, formal wear etc but within 2months i realised this was one amongst those places where YOU WERE REALLY FREE..from shorts to dresses to chappals to guys in sandoz and gals in micro shorts too..all variety was available here..

CLC- where "internships" were the in-thing, coming to college in black and white meant that you were interning under a lawyer or in a law firm or somewhere like this..and the first question asked to you would be "kahan intern kar rahi hai", :) where even i worked in places for free to my utter surprise, coz like many i also had the notion that i would never do any job under anyone and not get paid..but law taught me how money had to be sidelined many a times and even i succumbed to it eventually..
CLC- which was famous for its utterly non-happening fresher parties and fests but luckily, in our time this year we did have a fest and a decent one at that..the only time in college life where i stayed in college till 8-9pm and we all did enjoy a lot...
 CLC- where i was lucky ,very lucky indeed to have a got a great bunch of friends gals and later guys with who life here became wonderful, fun, meaningful, memorable and worth cherishing,
where i discovered THE U-SPECIAL, a novel university special bus which was many a times much much more wonderful an experience with my bus gang , a crazy gang which laughed and chatted like hell and never did i feel goin to college would be so much fun and the long distance would go by in no span of time..
to be contd..

Thursday, July 8, 2010

the deaf bookkeeper..a fwd mail worth sharing


A Mafia Godfather finds out that his bookkeeper, Enzo, has cheated him out 
of 10 million bucks. His bookkeeper is deaf. That was the reason he got 
the job in the first place.  It was assumed that Enzo would hear nothing 
that he might have to testify about in court.

When the Godfather goes to confront Enzo about his missing $10 million, he 
takes along his lawyer who knows sign language.

The Godfather tells the lawyer, "Ask him where the 10 million bucks is 
that he embezzled from me."

The lawyer, using sign language, asks Enzo where the money is.  Enzo signs 
back, "I don't know what you are talking about."

The lawyer tells the Godfather, "He says he doesn't know what you are 
talking about."

The Godfather pulls out a pistol, puts it to Enzo's temple and says, "Ask 
him again!" The lawyer signs to Enzo, "He'll kill you if you don't tell 

Enzo signs back, "OK. You win!  The money is in a brown briefcase, buried 
behind the shed in my cousin Bruno's backyard in Woodbridge !"

The Godfather asks the lawyer, "What did he say?" The lawyer replies, " He 
says you don't have the guts to pull the trigger."

Don't you just LOVE lawyers?

germany down near yet so far

Call it the fate decided by the famous paul n the german octopus which chose spain over germany or be it the very average game played by the germans that night, the end result is that once again they could not make it to the finals..seems like it has become repetitive in their case.. when i go through their competition records i find that Germany has won the world cup three times, behind only brazil (five titles) and italy (four titles).
It has finished as runners-up four times. In terms of semifinal appearances, Germany leads with 12, two more than Brazil's 10, which had participated in two more tournaments. In the last 15 World Cup tournaments, Germany has always reached at least the stage of the last eight teams.
and yesterday as the clock struck 12 and i sat in front of the tv and the match began, something inside me already had the intuition that its not gonna be their day today..though they had played some amazing football against england and then argentina moving away from their defensive image and attacking as well, but the moment this match started,,something seemed amiss..
the first half was dominated by spain with few chances which they missed..the only one chance germany got was almost at half time but that too was not successful
the second half again belonged to the spaniards.. the header in the 73rd minute almost made it clear that it was goodbye for germany..
what was surprising was that they looked so damn well prepared and devastating in their previous matches but last night, philipp lahm and his team seemed totaly helpless against a very strong and determined spanish team which enter their very first finals of the world cup
it is sad when a team you support throughout not just this world cup but in the previous ones as well lose out without giving much of a fight.. but is a sport..and whoever plays the best game that night..wins....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


sometimes it just takes a total stranger to tell you to do something which you have been putting on hold for long and you realise that gosh i was supposed to do it and it was something i enjoy the most..that in my case is writing..and right now as i was sitting in my office getting acquainted with a new joinee like me, and telling him my passion for reading and writing he just randomly mentioned why dont i create my own blog, it was simple thousands were doing it but what the heck it was something i wished to do so that i could express my thoughts and hear others out... so here i am while i wind up for the day finally creating my own blog..will try as much to write interesting but honest u guys better keep reading...