Saturday, July 10, 2010

a dream i lived.. (written on 30/09/2004).. felt like sharing now..

'A Dream..I Lived...'                       -wrote on 30/09/04

One day in the dark, as i was sitting in my room,
All alone, all lost, in a world of gloom.
Thoughts of the future, and of the past,
Cropping up in my mind and were troubling my heart

Felt as if my whole life was losing its meaning,
And was making me doubt the purpose of my living.
All depressed, and totally shattered,
I began to cry, and nothing anymore mattered.

Just then i felt a touch, a hand that wiped my tears,
And appeared a face, I had not seen in all these years.
All shining with a radiant smile, he came closer to my ears,
And slowly whispered, 'forget your doubts and your fears.
Do not worry my friend, as I am there.'

And there I was, standing motionless,
Taken away by shock, and completely speechless.
And before I knew, the beautiful face vanished,
It felt like a dream, a dream i lived.

The wonderful moment had just passed,
And suddenly it felt all my worries had also passed.
I could feel the energy, the excitement in me,
As if all dying to live, was an all-new 'ME'...
                              (this was totaly imaginary..doesnot indicate about any body specific...)


  1. nicely written..............superlike it.

  2. Neat! a real gem of a poem(ok this might be a bit of an exaggeration :P), but I super liked it.

  3. hehe mukul..u r cute ..:)and i alwas told ur bro if hary potter ws made in india u wud suit the role best....

  4. Good going Soniya, Keep it Up!!!!!!!!1