Friday, October 22, 2010

a farewell the punjabi lad

a farewell the punjabi lad

a stranger yet a friend...

You meet many people in your lifetime, some you like some you don’t some you wish you never met,
But then there are those very few you wish you had known before, or some more time you wish you had spent.
Same is the case with this new friend of mine, his name is Pardeep Singh, d punjabi lad, who is leaving and going apart,
And in the 5 months that he was in our very own PEC, i am sure he has won not just one but many hearts.

I still remember the first time I met him, it was our orientation time, he had come up on my floor and sat next to me quietly,
At first I was shy, didn’t know who, from where he was, but something about him increased my curiosity.
The first thing I noticed which to this day I tell him was his shining bright smiling face, something which is a rarity,
It’s not every day you meet someone so very calm relaxed from the surface and within, it was a real beauty.
The second thing which got my attention me was his bright smart attire, a matching turban with a nice crisp shirt, he sure was a smart sardar, was what I said to myself,
And along with it was the small-town innocent look on his face, which became clear when he told me he was from Hoshiarpur himself.

Gradually, we began to talk, I told my family and educational background, some chit chat we did,
And then suddenly I found myself telling him about my passion for writing, didn’t know why u did.
The next thing he suggested was “why do I not write a blog, where I could express my thoughts and ideas freely’?
And I wondered well who is this stranger telling me all this, and why have I not really thought about it lately.
We talked for some more, it was just a nice memorable meeting and I knew we would eventually become friends, me and him,
And then he left for the day and I was back to my work, and the first thing i did that evening was to create a blog dedicated to him.
I was on the 14th floor, he on the 9th in  finance department, unfortunately we didn’t have much in common in terms of our nature of work, and perhaps too lazy to go down or up :-)
But on and off we would bump into each other and it made me happy that he was always the first one to read my blogs, encourage and motivate me to keep it up.
The first impression he had set on me was just getting better, he was, is perhaps will remain one of the most sober and decent guys I have met to this day,
It is just amazing that I never saw any tension nor worry on his face, he was beyond all of this, positive energy at its best display.
So one fine day when he told me he is leaving the job and Delhi itself, moving to Patiala, I thought he was joking,
But then when I heard from others, I realised he was serious and perhaps that was time for his right calling.

It’s strange that when you have friends around you always, you know you can take them for granted and meet them any day,
And when they suddenly decide to leave or go apart, you wish you had talked more, had more fun and created more memories to cherish every day.
so now that you are leaving Pardeep my friend, I wish you had stayed more, but I wish more that you achieve great success in your new phase of life,
And most of all I wish you liked my small gift, could not have thought of anything better, hope you keep this for the rest of your life.. :-)

All the best
God bless

With love and luck

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