Saturday, December 5, 2015



The last month of the year of  2015 has arrived. Like last year and every year gone by, this too has passed away too soon. And i am sure many others like me would share the same feeling. And looking back, i realise that it has been one whole year since i joined this new organisation and moved to Chandigarh from Delhi. I had joined IOCL on 3rd Dec 2014, finished my two weeks training on 16th Dec, was informed about Chandigarh posting the same day and arrived at this new city on 17th Dec 2015, one day before my birthday on 18th Dec. 
And come to think about it, on the one hand, it feels like just yesterday that i was sitting in Shatabdi train towards Chandigarh, it does not feel like one year at all. On the other hand, it does really feel a lot has happened these past months, whole lot of experiences, events, getting to know new people, a lots of learnings to say in brief. And it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride.
Talking about Chandigarh, vis-a-vis my hometown Delhi, some time back i had expressed my thoughts about living in a new city. And now that its been almost an year of staying there and i felt it was time i wrote Part 2 in my series of Chandigarh Diaries.

So what do i feel about living in Chandigarh now?.. I guess it is a city which grows on you slowly and gradually without you even knowing about it, something what a slow poison does. It feels strange to think and say but today when we go back to Delhi, the very same water we drank and the air we breathed till last year, now makes us sick on the second day of staying there itself. Though i would like to believe that the pollution in Delhi has become worse in past one year and the condition was not so so bad when i was working there. But now, it feels like, just entering into Delhi makes us psychologically sick and lazy and the moment we reach Chandigarh station and step out of the platform to the car parking lot and suck the air in, it feels that magically all our tiredness just vanishes away in a second. It may be psychological again but there is something in the air in Chandigarh which just rejuvenates and freshens us up like nothing else. I wish it remains the same way for some years to come because considering the way cars are increasing in the narrow roads of this city, very soon the UT government wil have to take precuationary measures to preserve the beauty and environment of Chandigarh otherwise it is going to be another Delhi very soon.

talking about traffic in Delhi, luckily whenever we are there during the weekend, somehow we are not encountering the huge jams which are otherwise a routine feature on the Delhi roads. Maybe it has been the timing of venturing out, maybe sheer luck, but luckily enough we have been saved that trouble atleast for the two days we spend there. But definitely we have to think ten times before going out as to what time would be the best to avoid jams, which route would  be the best to take and reach on time, what inner short cuts can be taken to reach our destination and so forth. Atleast as of now, we are saved with all this hassle in Chandigarh but who knows whats in store for us in times to come..?!

Talking about the past one year, well even though the job demand and work profile is more of a private organisation nature and is a public sector merely for namesake, yet it is good in a way as one is exposed to a lot of diversity when working in a bigger organisation. Do i miss my previous office? Well i still do, but i am in touch with most of them and it never really feels that i am not around them. Do i miss the office life there.Yes i do, but in past few months, the working atmosphere in the current office has also changed and there is the usual chit chatting, joking and warmth which i was missing earlier of which i am happy about. Have made many friends here which is good to know and though i still have pics of my PEC mates on my work desk, i do feel i shall be not replacing them but adding pics of my current office along with them very soon...But like it happens in case of a first love, i wont be able to grow out of PEC in times to come as well. And i am at peace with it now.

Talking about the city of Chandigarh again, though i do not know whether i will be staying here beyond four years or what life has in store for us in the future, i do know that sometime later in life i would want to come back to stay in Chandigarh again and i hope and pray that it remains the same..simple.. beautiful, non-judgmental and a city which does sleep !!!