Thursday, February 26, 2015


Yesterday night, i finally made the decision to watch Mardaani, a movie i had in my collection of movies for a long time but somehow had not been keen on watching despite hearing positive reviews from many around me. For some strange and unexplainable reason i had been hesitant to watch it even though it had earned acclaim for rani mukherjee's acting abilities as well. For someone who has admired the actress for her powerful and strong roles was disappointed when she made some unexpected choices and did some films which i felt were too low for her stature.
Given the concept of Mardaani, i had expected it to be a usual masala film trying to portray a female cop who talks like men, abuses like them and fights like them much to the delight of the Indian masses who would whistle in the theatres at every dialogue she would speak.
But perhaps this time i was wrong.
As i started watching the movie, i was reminded of a movie called SAMAY; featuring Sushmita Sen as a female cop in the lead who solves a series of mysterious serial killings. It had been a treat to watch that movie and was her best role so far. After that movie, i feel Mardaani takes the cake for being a power packed movie with some amazing performances.
The film touched on a social issue which is prevalent in a large scale in India: drugs and abduction and trafficking of young girls. 
Coming  back to the movie,directed by Pradeep Sarkar and produced by Aditya Chopra is a totally different recipe from the predictable menu Yash Raj films generally offers to us. Rani Mukherjee is back with her oodles of talent, impressive dialogue delivery portraying a fearless character who goes to the extreme to catch the criminal. There is a scene wherein she alongwith her policemen colleagues watches a bunch of goons destroying a public property probably a restaurant and therafter,  slaps the main guy on the street  while reminding him  of the various sections of the IPC under which he could be charged alongwith each slap leaving him speechless and still. The scene left me impressed as well. There are also scenes where in she has literally fought with the bad guys one on one and those deserve an applaud. On the other hand, the ultimate villain Karan played by Tahir Bhasin who often referred to himself as the under 19 twelth man a name given by shivani roy (rani) to him, has done complete justice  to his character. He also deserved the best actor in a villainous role, which he won only in the Screen Awards 2015, an award which mostly went to Riteish Deshmukh for his new avatar in the movie Ek Villain in most of the other ceremonies. 
The last scene wherein Rani leaves the body of Karan on the floor as a gift for the adbucted young girls and the angry and frustrated girls kick the life out of the villain for the devastation he caused in their lives was the best end this movie could have. 

After watching this movie, i repented the fact that why had i not gone to the cinema to watch it. Why did Rani Mukherjee not get more awards for this movie. 
Why in out country lifeless and randome lame movies which i do not even need to name become 100 crore/200 crore clubs in mere three days and films like Mardaani earn a mere Rs 66 crores, is something i cannot understand. 

I was surprised to see at the end of the credits that in India a girl goes missin every eight minutes in a day. That India with so much of its cultural and religious heritage is the hub of female trafficking. The statistics were appalling. I wonder what happens to those girls. The lives that are chosen for them not by themselves but by others. I wonder what happens to those parents who spend their entire life looking for their missing children in the hope that they would return one day. Recently in the news i was watching self defence classes being offered to lady policemen in various cities. I thought why not make it a compulsory subject at an early class level in each school in the country?  I am 29, know each and every road (almost) of the capital city and yet i am scared to venture out alone after 8 pm itself. If only the girls of our country could live their lives as fearlessly as we always dream to be, if only we could bestow more bharat ratnas and the likes on the women force of our country so as to inspire many more to choose that path. The thoughts the questions are many, the answers still remain a mystery. 
But for now, if you have  by any chance not watched Mardaani, Do it ASAP

Monday, February 16, 2015



The theme of this year’s Productivity Week being celebrated all over India from 12-18th feb 2015 is –“ Make in India: Zero Defect, Zero Effect. The National Productivity Council has issued directives to all government departments and state owned companies to implement this new initiative. NPS has also initiated setting up of Productivity Improvement Committees and has chalked out the formula plan for the year 2015.

Theme Genesis:
Let us introspect on the origin of this phrase, how it was coined, what it implies and what is its correlation with the idea of productivity. At a time when the industries are growing at a rapid pace with more and more technological improvements, its corresponding side effect is the adverse impact it is causing on our environment each day. Our newly elected Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi ji in his maiden speech at the Ramlila Grounds on independence day 2014, called out the following message to Indians and to people abroad:  “I say this to all the people, Come, make in India, Sell abroad but manufacture in India. We have the desired skill, we have the talent, we have what it takes to be a manufacturer’s hub, Come, Make in India and develop Brand India. While he talked about interesting phenomenons of ABCD: being avoid, bypass, confuse and delay and ROAD: responsibility, ownership, accountability and discipline, defining the behaviours of government officials and what is expected out of them, he then coined this new phrase which seems like the newest feather in his cap. With this new concept, he emphasized on following two essentials:

·        Zero Defect: The products which are manufactured in India must have a zero defect, ie they must be internationally accepted and not be rejected in the world market.
·        Secondly, Zero Effect: The goods so produces must have a zero adverse impact on our environment and natural resources.
This implies that not only there must exist manufacturing excellence and efficiency for our products to be at par with the international standards, but also the fact that sustainable development and protection of environment must be our top most priority and concern. He did not stop here. In the recent meet of industrialists and government officials held in Dec 2014, our PM further highlighted this new idea and challenge and stated that the aim is to make India a globally recognized exporter: a nation which imports less and exports more. The objective is to reduce our thrust on importing from other countries, encourage domestic production, have increased investment in the manufacturing sector, prevent brain drain by giving employment to the youth in the said sector, improve skill set of the youth for working in such industries by giving them training, and focus on using make in India products as much as possible. At present, our manufacturing sector contributes a meager 17% to the nation’s GDP. This figure needs to be increased by developing world class infrastructure for our industries to thrive and grow. However, this idea is not merely restricted to the notion of make in India. The longer term mission is to create BRAND INDIA, put our nation on the global platform, whereby our economy is at a much more competitive edge than its competitors.

Now comes the second thought; why such a theme has been chosen by the NPC. What is the synthesis between the two concepts? Let us understand what is the meaning of the term productivity? In simplest economic terms, it is the measure of efficiency of a person, machine or factory. It is the output per unit of inputs used in the process of production. Productivity in its literal sense means the state of being productive. The 5 M’s of Economy: man, machine, materials, money and minerals being the inputs in this case which produce the desired outputs. But, in a more coherent sense, productivity means and implies a state of being able to generate, create or bring forth goods and services in an economy. It is true that productivity is the key to prosperity. And for the prosperity or growth of a nation, it requires continuous development + sustainability. We all by now have heard of the term sustainable development: development which does not hamper or degrade the environment and is sustainable for our future generations to come.
In these times of liberalization, privatization and globalization where each sector of our economy is booming rapidly, there is bound to be some adverse effect on our environment and on our natural resources.
Hence, our aim is prosperity through productivity, efficiency which can only be achieved by following the mantra of Zero Defect and Zero Effect. For productivity, what is imperative is economically viable production and also which does not degrade our natural resources. Any kind of development aims at improving the standard of living of its people and that can only be achieved if the environment one stays in is protected. There must be a balancing of resources in a way that each part of the nation is focused on equally, be it the east or the west. Hence, the idea of zero defect and zero effect goes hand in hand. It is also essential to understand that only by bringing about an improvement in the means of production while protecting our nature and heritage can we ensure productivity and growth in its true sense.
In this regard, another related term is Competitiveness. What does it imply? As the name suggests, it means an innate ability/competency of an economy, a nation to succeed from others, outperform them. It talks of a concept whereby an economy is able to adapt itself to rapidly changing environment and situations and sustain itself and its people in the longer run.
For our nation to achieve this competitive edge, we shall have to strive to make productivity a golden rule and follow the theme of zero defect and zero effect in letter and in spirit. Not only a change in laws is required, but also a change in the existing processes, suggesting alternate economically viable solutions and their implementation as well. Moreover, this will have to become not just an individual but a mass people’s movement and productivity shall have to become a national priority permeating every sector of our economy, business, society and individual as well.

Having discussed the above, one key requirement to achieve our goal is: changing people’s mindsets. We, as individuals have to align ourselves with the nation’s overall goals and have to be prepared at every level to adapt at the changing circumstances. We will have to constantly innovate, evaluate, re-innovate and re-evaluate our thoughts actions and our processes. As IPCC Chief Mr RK Pachauri puts it, “both development and environment protection can go hand in hand if one follows the right approach.”
Talking about right approach, there is a famous saying, doing the right thing is as important as doing the THING RIGHT. As easy as it may sound, its repercussions are unfathomable.

It is perhaps in this context that the NPC has chosen Make in India: Zero Defect, Zero Effect as its theme for the National Productivity Week 2015.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Muffler Man is back: AAP ready for a second innings in New Delhi:

      The Results of the Delhi Assembly elections are out. And much to the delight of voters and plight of many, AAP is back. This time back with a big bang. The verdict has gone much beyond even the exit polls few days back. AAP is set for an absolute majority and Arvind Kejriwal, the muffler man is going to be the Chief Minister for the second time in a series. This huge margin victory has come at a time when the Modi Wave had been in full swing and none of us was expecting that the delhiites will not vote for the party in power at the Centre. This result has clearly shown the Congress and BJP and other national alliances the power of the vote today. It seems people have forgiven the mistakes made by AAP in the past and are ready to give them a second chance. This has shown that even a stalwart and people’s person Kiran Bedi coupled with the Modi effect, failed to garner support for its party and failed to generate any hopes in the minds of the public at large. This result has shown that be it the rich, the poor, the classes or the masses, the educated or the illiterate, all of them have united and have been binded by a single thread: a vote for change, an alternative government. It seems that the people are no longer being lured by power, money, fame, name, false promises and even the Nation’s current prime minister could not instill confidence in the hearts of the upset and angry voters of Delhi.  To add to this, what worked for AAP was Kejriwals’s innate ability to connect and reach out to the masses, talk like them, dress like them, live like them and approach to them like no other leader could. He did not talk about fancy things like other parties, but focused his agenda on the basic necessities of life: food, water, electricity, education and shelter.

No matter how much AAP was ridiculed in the past for its bad governance and no strategy alliance, they have worked upon their flaws, cracked the nerve of its voters, done the right thing this time, worked more, talked less, abused less, acted more, and have openly confessed that they were wrong earlier and would not repeat that mistake again. And the people have trusted them once again and are willing to test them this time around as well. This also shows that the last minute step of putting Kiran Bedi against Kejriwal not only backfired against BJP but her changing loyalties instilled an anger in existing BJP supporters as well who were shocked at her back stabbing AAP team for a ticket to being the CM of Delhi. People forgot her hard work, her sincerety, her honesty, her integrity and what remained in their minds were the images of her standing alongside Kejriwal, Shazia Ilmi talking about a time for a new beginning. For such a revered personality to have then joined hands with a political party opposite to her thinking (supposedly) was a step not many could understand and accept. And this has reflected in the results as we see.  Had they been stuck to AAP for a longer stint, they would have been able to bring out the changes in the city as they envisioned and had allegedly promised to bring. Perhaps, it was not to be and AAP was destined to be back.
Now it remains to be seen how this party with a handful of experienced leaders and all newcomers implements its promises and actions plans . 

But for now, the common man has won again.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Looking Back.. PEC

i thought a lot about writing a farewell article in december 2014 while it was my last day and i had a lot of things to say even then, but somehow something inside made me hesitant. A girl who has been very interactive and talkative all along, it was as if for the first time i was at a loss of words in expressing my feelings and emotions. Of course everyone including me was happy to know about my selection in Indian Oil, which could enable me to be one step closer to my spouse, and i know no one would be expecting me to be sad about leaving PEC, but it has not been so. Without doubt we were ecstatic the day i checked my result online which said me and my colleague and dear friend siddharth had been finally selected, but the moment i read it, the second thought which came in my mind was." that this means i have to finally leave PEC.". There is rarely anyone who does not get thrilled when one is selected for a job/scores well in an exam , but this time around i was fixed with two completely contradictory and confusing set of emotions. One was a positive step towards my personal/family and professional life. But on the other hand, i felt that a part of me belonged to PEC and i would have to unfortunately leave it there itself.

I dont know whether you would believe me but since i got to know of my selection, there has not been a single day till my last day 2 dec 2014 wherein each day from Faridabad to delhi and back in my car and in office that i have not thought about my entire stint of 4.5 years in this office. PEC which for some may be an office but somehow for me i always felt it to be an extended a second home . I had mentally imagined my last day in PEC so many times, whether i would cry, whether i would laugh, what would i feel that when the day finally arrived, i was totally blank. Infact i could not meet a lot of my friends here on the last day which i felt bad about and scolded them also, left little notes for some of them as well, but deep inside i knew what they felt about me and would be there no matter they were not present physically that day for me.

And today as i am in my new office in my new job, in chandigarh, in a bigger corporation, Maharatna as they say, it is not surprising or weird to confess and state that i think about PEC every single day. I think about my entire stay of more than four years , the friendships i formed, the relationships i made, the fatherly figures of my seniors which guided and supported me always and i genuinely feel that no office is or can ever be like PEC. I do not know what is in store for PEc in future, but i would only wish the best for the company and its officers, as i do not think i would ever be able to get over PEC and its people and my friends. It is sort of when you break up in a relationship and need time to get over it, i feel the same.

PEC was a place which gave so much importance to a person, his priorities, his personal life, his problems, his health that nowhere anywhere i feel one can get such an atmosphere. I always felt that a brand name of a company is not really a big deal it is the inside which matters. People may not know us so well but the pride is in the fact that we know each and every one of us well enough being a close knit unit. I feel it was a place which never judged what you say what you do what you feel, one was never conscious in expressing his thoughts to even the top most in the hierarchy. This is a privilege and liberty which one can not get in each organisation, atleast this is what i feel so.
I recall all the diwalies i have spent there, the new year parties, the random no occassion snacks parties, the chit chats at the tea stalls downstairs , the fights during the hindi pakhwaras, the No work No tea of Pancham Ji, the office boy Prem who was like our best friend and my different groups of friends who were so very caring and affectionate, be it the 13th floor gang or the finance gang. I also remember the people who we lost on the way, gavde Sir who i think of often, Rajendra Sir from Library  who used to always ask "feel good hai" who will always remain in my memory.

This office taught me a lot professionaly, personally, brought a stability into my life, and i think i have achieved all the good things in life since i was in PEC since June 2010. I cannot even believe it had been more than four years here and sometimes it feels like time just flew, and sometimes it feels like i lived a lifetime.
I dont need to name anyone here as they also know when i talk about them when i thank them for their love, courage and affection. towards me all this while.

What else do i say, i guess i can go on now about it, but space constraints are going to occur so i can only conclude by saying that there is a saying that you can never forget your first love and your first job.  I can now definitely vouch for the latter. And i wish i could stay in PEC more...

“world cup is back...we definitely dont want to give it back...”

Finally, the much awaited cricket world cup is about to begin on perhaps the most romantic day of the yea, ie 14th Feb (so they say). Its kind of sad for the Indian crowd in a lot of ways. First the fact that that the matches are going to be held in australia and New Zealand is a cause of worry for us due to the opposite time zones. The matches are slated for as early as 3.30am in the morning and 6.30am as well. To add to the misery of the youngsters, the month of feb and march is the month of the Board Exams, college term exams and students are already worked up as to how will they manage both events-both being a life and death game for us.

I still remember when i was in school preparing for my class 12th exams in March 2003, Indian was playing Kenya one day before my Maths exam. Even though Maths was one terrorising subject and had me in tension as well, but curiosity got the better of me and i ended up watching each over of the match that day. Such is the passion we Indians have for this game, specially the 50 over world cup which makes us wait for over four years. No matter how many T20 worldcups, Asia Cups, Champions League, we may have, this world cup has a special charm of its own.
And this time, in 2015, it is going to be the mother of all battles as we are the defending champions. The nail biting finish of the 2011 world cup final is still etched in our memory. The six hit by our captain MS dhoni which went miles away is something which brings back a flood of memories even today. The lifting of Sachin on their shoulders by the teammates was a sight worth seeing live. And the recent advertisement being aired on television these days stating "we wont give it back" is charging us enough to be awake early to see India play.

It remains to be seen what will be the strategy of our skipper  Dhoni this time around. With the news of his retirement from test cricket, news of his being a father soon, the recent loss to Australia and England  and the fact that we are not playing in the Asian Sub continent but overseas , is going to be a much more difficult mental battle for him.
Its time once again, for him and his team to prove the critics wrong. And we all heartily and earnestly pray that they will..