Thursday, February 26, 2015


Yesterday night, i finally made the decision to watch Mardaani, a movie i had in my collection of movies for a long time but somehow had not been keen on watching despite hearing positive reviews from many around me. For some strange and unexplainable reason i had been hesitant to watch it even though it had earned acclaim for rani mukherjee's acting abilities as well. For someone who has admired the actress for her powerful and strong roles was disappointed when she made some unexpected choices and did some films which i felt were too low for her stature.
Given the concept of Mardaani, i had expected it to be a usual masala film trying to portray a female cop who talks like men, abuses like them and fights like them much to the delight of the Indian masses who would whistle in the theatres at every dialogue she would speak.
But perhaps this time i was wrong.
As i started watching the movie, i was reminded of a movie called SAMAY; featuring Sushmita Sen as a female cop in the lead who solves a series of mysterious serial killings. It had been a treat to watch that movie and was her best role so far. After that movie, i feel Mardaani takes the cake for being a power packed movie with some amazing performances.
The film touched on a social issue which is prevalent in a large scale in India: drugs and abduction and trafficking of young girls. 
Coming  back to the movie,directed by Pradeep Sarkar and produced by Aditya Chopra is a totally different recipe from the predictable menu Yash Raj films generally offers to us. Rani Mukherjee is back with her oodles of talent, impressive dialogue delivery portraying a fearless character who goes to the extreme to catch the criminal. There is a scene wherein she alongwith her policemen colleagues watches a bunch of goons destroying a public property probably a restaurant and therafter,  slaps the main guy on the street  while reminding him  of the various sections of the IPC under which he could be charged alongwith each slap leaving him speechless and still. The scene left me impressed as well. There are also scenes where in she has literally fought with the bad guys one on one and those deserve an applaud. On the other hand, the ultimate villain Karan played by Tahir Bhasin who often referred to himself as the under 19 twelth man a name given by shivani roy (rani) to him, has done complete justice  to his character. He also deserved the best actor in a villainous role, which he won only in the Screen Awards 2015, an award which mostly went to Riteish Deshmukh for his new avatar in the movie Ek Villain in most of the other ceremonies. 
The last scene wherein Rani leaves the body of Karan on the floor as a gift for the adbucted young girls and the angry and frustrated girls kick the life out of the villain for the devastation he caused in their lives was the best end this movie could have. 

After watching this movie, i repented the fact that why had i not gone to the cinema to watch it. Why did Rani Mukherjee not get more awards for this movie. 
Why in out country lifeless and randome lame movies which i do not even need to name become 100 crore/200 crore clubs in mere three days and films like Mardaani earn a mere Rs 66 crores, is something i cannot understand. 

I was surprised to see at the end of the credits that in India a girl goes missin every eight minutes in a day. That India with so much of its cultural and religious heritage is the hub of female trafficking. The statistics were appalling. I wonder what happens to those girls. The lives that are chosen for them not by themselves but by others. I wonder what happens to those parents who spend their entire life looking for their missing children in the hope that they would return one day. Recently in the news i was watching self defence classes being offered to lady policemen in various cities. I thought why not make it a compulsory subject at an early class level in each school in the country?  I am 29, know each and every road (almost) of the capital city and yet i am scared to venture out alone after 8 pm itself. If only the girls of our country could live their lives as fearlessly as we always dream to be, if only we could bestow more bharat ratnas and the likes on the women force of our country so as to inspire many more to choose that path. The thoughts the questions are many, the answers still remain a mystery. 
But for now, if you have  by any chance not watched Mardaani, Do it ASAP

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