Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Muffler Man is back: AAP ready for a second innings in New Delhi:

      The Results of the Delhi Assembly elections are out. And much to the delight of voters and plight of many, AAP is back. This time back with a big bang. The verdict has gone much beyond even the exit polls few days back. AAP is set for an absolute majority and Arvind Kejriwal, the muffler man is going to be the Chief Minister for the second time in a series. This huge margin victory has come at a time when the Modi Wave had been in full swing and none of us was expecting that the delhiites will not vote for the party in power at the Centre. This result has clearly shown the Congress and BJP and other national alliances the power of the vote today. It seems people have forgiven the mistakes made by AAP in the past and are ready to give them a second chance. This has shown that even a stalwart and people’s person Kiran Bedi coupled with the Modi effect, failed to garner support for its party and failed to generate any hopes in the minds of the public at large. This result has shown that be it the rich, the poor, the classes or the masses, the educated or the illiterate, all of them have united and have been binded by a single thread: a vote for change, an alternative government. It seems that the people are no longer being lured by power, money, fame, name, false promises and even the Nation’s current prime minister could not instill confidence in the hearts of the upset and angry voters of Delhi.  To add to this, what worked for AAP was Kejriwals’s innate ability to connect and reach out to the masses, talk like them, dress like them, live like them and approach to them like no other leader could. He did not talk about fancy things like other parties, but focused his agenda on the basic necessities of life: food, water, electricity, education and shelter.

No matter how much AAP was ridiculed in the past for its bad governance and no strategy alliance, they have worked upon their flaws, cracked the nerve of its voters, done the right thing this time, worked more, talked less, abused less, acted more, and have openly confessed that they were wrong earlier and would not repeat that mistake again. And the people have trusted them once again and are willing to test them this time around as well. This also shows that the last minute step of putting Kiran Bedi against Kejriwal not only backfired against BJP but her changing loyalties instilled an anger in existing BJP supporters as well who were shocked at her back stabbing AAP team for a ticket to being the CM of Delhi. People forgot her hard work, her sincerety, her honesty, her integrity and what remained in their minds were the images of her standing alongside Kejriwal, Shazia Ilmi talking about a time for a new beginning. For such a revered personality to have then joined hands with a political party opposite to her thinking (supposedly) was a step not many could understand and accept. And this has reflected in the results as we see.  Had they been stuck to AAP for a longer stint, they would have been able to bring out the changes in the city as they envisioned and had allegedly promised to bring. Perhaps, it was not to be and AAP was destined to be back.
Now it remains to be seen how this party with a handful of experienced leaders and all newcomers implements its promises and actions plans . 

But for now, the common man has won again.

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