Friday, February 6, 2015

Looking Back.. PEC

i thought a lot about writing a farewell article in december 2014 while it was my last day and i had a lot of things to say even then, but somehow something inside made me hesitant. A girl who has been very interactive and talkative all along, it was as if for the first time i was at a loss of words in expressing my feelings and emotions. Of course everyone including me was happy to know about my selection in Indian Oil, which could enable me to be one step closer to my spouse, and i know no one would be expecting me to be sad about leaving PEC, but it has not been so. Without doubt we were ecstatic the day i checked my result online which said me and my colleague and dear friend siddharth had been finally selected, but the moment i read it, the second thought which came in my mind was." that this means i have to finally leave PEC.". There is rarely anyone who does not get thrilled when one is selected for a job/scores well in an exam , but this time around i was fixed with two completely contradictory and confusing set of emotions. One was a positive step towards my personal/family and professional life. But on the other hand, i felt that a part of me belonged to PEC and i would have to unfortunately leave it there itself.

I dont know whether you would believe me but since i got to know of my selection, there has not been a single day till my last day 2 dec 2014 wherein each day from Faridabad to delhi and back in my car and in office that i have not thought about my entire stint of 4.5 years in this office. PEC which for some may be an office but somehow for me i always felt it to be an extended a second home . I had mentally imagined my last day in PEC so many times, whether i would cry, whether i would laugh, what would i feel that when the day finally arrived, i was totally blank. Infact i could not meet a lot of my friends here on the last day which i felt bad about and scolded them also, left little notes for some of them as well, but deep inside i knew what they felt about me and would be there no matter they were not present physically that day for me.

And today as i am in my new office in my new job, in chandigarh, in a bigger corporation, Maharatna as they say, it is not surprising or weird to confess and state that i think about PEC every single day. I think about my entire stay of more than four years , the friendships i formed, the relationships i made, the fatherly figures of my seniors which guided and supported me always and i genuinely feel that no office is or can ever be like PEC. I do not know what is in store for PEc in future, but i would only wish the best for the company and its officers, as i do not think i would ever be able to get over PEC and its people and my friends. It is sort of when you break up in a relationship and need time to get over it, i feel the same.

PEC was a place which gave so much importance to a person, his priorities, his personal life, his problems, his health that nowhere anywhere i feel one can get such an atmosphere. I always felt that a brand name of a company is not really a big deal it is the inside which matters. People may not know us so well but the pride is in the fact that we know each and every one of us well enough being a close knit unit. I feel it was a place which never judged what you say what you do what you feel, one was never conscious in expressing his thoughts to even the top most in the hierarchy. This is a privilege and liberty which one can not get in each organisation, atleast this is what i feel so.
I recall all the diwalies i have spent there, the new year parties, the random no occassion snacks parties, the chit chats at the tea stalls downstairs , the fights during the hindi pakhwaras, the No work No tea of Pancham Ji, the office boy Prem who was like our best friend and my different groups of friends who were so very caring and affectionate, be it the 13th floor gang or the finance gang. I also remember the people who we lost on the way, gavde Sir who i think of often, Rajendra Sir from Library  who used to always ask "feel good hai" who will always remain in my memory.

This office taught me a lot professionaly, personally, brought a stability into my life, and i think i have achieved all the good things in life since i was in PEC since June 2010. I cannot even believe it had been more than four years here and sometimes it feels like time just flew, and sometimes it feels like i lived a lifetime.
I dont need to name anyone here as they also know when i talk about them when i thank them for their love, courage and affection. towards me all this while.

What else do i say, i guess i can go on now about it, but space constraints are going to occur so i can only conclude by saying that there is a saying that you can never forget your first love and your first job.  I can now definitely vouch for the latter. And i wish i could stay in PEC more...

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  1. There is no doubt that there is no place like PEC. It was emotional even for me who left it after just 5 months. I can very well imagine How would you feel? The girl who made PEC a happening place, apart from messenger I guess you were the one who had friends in almost all departments. I am sure you will also make IOC a vibrant place.Moreover now you have a default vote and partner there ...;)