Sunday, July 11, 2010

""IF ONLY""... (11/07/2010)


it was a rainy day, she sat by the riverside, on the cold wet grass
facing the shining blue waters;
the soft breeze making her hair sway, the light drizzle forming on the face
small water droplets.
it was almost evening, the sun bidding its goodbye for the day,
it was looking beautiful;
but her mind and heart were choked, as if she could see nothing in front of her
even though it was so wonderful.

she looked at her hands, at the small piece of paper crushed
into tiny pieces which they now held;
if only..if only she could go back in time and undo something,
if only this one last chance she had.

just a few minutes ago, he was here,standing in front of her
her heart beating faster than before;
it amazed her, even after so many years, his presence had that impact,
still gave her goosebumps for sure.
seeing him generated a hope in her heart, maybe it would all be good and
work out somehow again;
but god had other plans, in moments she would know she would never ever
see him again.

at first she was filled with rage, pushed him away,then the tears
started flowing down her cheeks rapidly;
he tried to pacify her, she was uncontrollable, how could he watch her,
he also still loved her truly and madly.

when nothing worked, he gave her the piece of paper,it felt like
he was giving her away, someone who he thought he always had;
if only..if only  he could go back in time and undo something,
if only this one last chance he had.....                                    (11/07/2010)