Sunday, July 31, 2011

chapter two- the week bygone

31st July 2o11

"One week has passed since the last long conversation they had exact 7 days before today. As she looks at the clock strike 2pm, she cant stop looking at her cellphone to ring and show  his name again. The past one week went by rather uneventful. A little solace came with the fact that this time around, they did manage to have small conversations few  times in the week. At first, it was on monday when he called to tell her he had received the courier she had sent him. The talk lasted precise 2minutes. But they did hear each others' voices. And she was happy he liked the gift too. The next day she got to know from his friend that he had paid him a visit and though not completely fine, yet he was doing ok. He seemed very very hurt and shocked at the fact that this time it should have been him passing with flying colours. But god always has some plan for everyone. This was his extreme step and though in a bad shape, yet only his determination was keeping him going strong. Talking to his friend made her desperate to see him, talk to him. If only it was so easy for her to just give him a surprise. She had been thinking about it for days but she knew that seeing her would make him more nostalgic than happy and relieved. She put the surprise on hold till his birthday which was coming soon. 

But the desperation to talk had not reduced as night descended. She called up his father's number, he was friendly to her but unfortunately he was out of town. She could not call anywhere else as he had strictly told her not to.  The night passed with a lot of restlessness and unending thoughts. 
The next morning while on way to work, she could not resist herself and dialled his mom's number. She picked up and as expected told he was sleeping but she could wake him up too. She did not want to disturb his sleep and kept the phone down. Within 10minutes, the anticipated call came on her cell. 

This time she did not want to waste any minute or second talking anything trivial or random. She told him this was really not working out well. Not talking was not proving to be an ideal solution. That she was sorry to have made that call but she could not resist anymore. Then she became quiet and listened. He said he was affected more than 10 times than her. That whenever he took a break from his hectic schedule, he stopped, closed his eyes and thought only of her.  That he craved so much to speak to her that he had begun having conversations with himself imagining he was doing that with her. She just listened. To anyone else, this would sound an exaggeration, or maddening, unreal, but to them it was love in its most natural and pure form. She felt the same, did the same. He was glad she was supporting him so much in his hardest of times. She thought of that song he had dedicated to her some time back "how you like me now" from the movie the fighter. The more she heard him the more she knew she loved him more each moment of her life. And she knew, though he did not say much but he loved her more than even she  could imagine. 
He reassured her he was doing good, was counting days when they would watch the new twilight movie together very soon. That he was determined to do this for her and his father 'coz he knew it would make them the happiest. It was a fulfilling conversation and they decided to keep it this way for sometime and fight the longing till they can. 
She had to head back to work so they said goodbye. Atleast their thoughts and feelings had poured out and that was a bit of a relief. 

The next 2 days passed bit smoothly.  To her surprise, she got  a call from him thursday evening. It was like telepathy. She was just thinking about what he must have been doing. He told her today was comparatively a lighter day. He had taken a bit of a break, some house work, and then his friends came over to meet him. They talked mostly about football, movies but atleast he got a break and a change from his routine. She was glad his friends were doing the effort which counted a lot. But then she missed meeting him all the more. Patience was one quality very rarely present in this girl but being with him all along had taught her this very thing very well. They then had some random talks, the chit chat silly stuff the usually talk and for a second, it felt like before. And he must have felt it too because he suddenly said goodbye and kept the phone. 

Since then, 3 days have passed. On friday while she was on way home and driving, she did receive a call from him which she missed. But then she called him up immediately and he wanted a work to be done by her. They talked about it and then hung up. Driving alone listening to her favourite songs relaxed her a lot. It was during this time that she thought about him the most, the smallest of events to the most important of days. They had literally spent shared their whole life together and if she begins to recall, there is just no end to what they have been through together, good or bad. 

And she still awaits his call. there are so many things to talk, to share, she doesn't know whether to keep them on hold for later or just forget them and move on. Days seem longer, weeks seem like months. And there is still a good enough time to go until she can see him again without any tensions and worry. But this time, she prays to god everyday to make him successful, to give her share of luck if any to him. 
Is it love or addiction, mere lust or passion, deep honest care or affection.. ??? they do not know..but right now all they know is nothing will or has ever given them more happiness or satisfaction than being in each other's arms.. and they hope this remains forever too...  

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