Saturday, May 26, 2012


My ‘LIFE’                              26.5.2012

At first I thought it was a phase, it shall pass away soon,
But the feeling lingered on, being with her, I always felt on top of the moon.
Everytime I heard her voice, it would send crazy shivers down my spine,
It was a magical effect, I had just one thought; wish she was forever mine.

We would talk hours at a stretch, not caring for anything else or anyone,
It felt like a new life; how amazing it was to have that special someone.
The morning began with her, night ended with her and yet she was in my mind each moment of the day,
If only she could be in my arms, if only I could feel her touch, i just wanted to be with her, come what may.

The craving to talk, the eagerness to meet, it wasn’t a mere infatuation for sure,
Feeling the same desire and passion even after so many years, it had to be love, simple and pure.
For what else is love, when you feel thrilled to see someone else happy and smiling,
When your heart melts when you see her in tears, all you want is to somehow stop her from crying.

When you put someone’s life above your own, unbaffled by yourself and your own problems and worries,
And all that matters is, what does she want, what will make her happy, how can I create many  more wonderful memories.

What do I say, ‘she’ is not just my other half anymore, but is in fact my 'entire life',
She completes me, I am nothing without her, and I cannot wait for the day to make her my lovely wife.

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