Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A fire raging within

I am educated, I am independent, 
I am the one without whom a house is not a home
And yet, in this city full of dreams, 
I am scared, full of fear and scared to walk alone...

I  am liberal, I am a carefree student, a working professional
constantly striving to follow long cherished aims and passions,
And yet, in this wonderful world of humans, 
I am today too conscious of chasing those very dreams....

I am everywhere, in buses, in metros, autos, taxis, 
sometimes driving alone in the wee hours of the morning or late at night  ,
And yet I always feel I am not alone, someone is with me, 
someone is always following me, day and night....

That someone is a cold wide open pair of eyes, of  the young and also of the old,
and have become my constant companion, wherever and whenever  I go.
For  they are always staring at me, eyeing on me, mocking at me
and this feeling is shared by many more and not just me"...

 It does not even matter how old I am, 
I may be a small child, or a married women with kids.
It does not even matter how I am dressed, 
be it in a pair of shorts or simply a pair of top and jeans.

i have always wondered, why do they behave this way? 
were they simply born like this, i ask myself night and day.
but with time i have realised, it cannot be from within, it cant be inherent,
its learnt from external forces and factors which are omnipresent 

Perhaps it has always been the result of a mind gone astray, 
it will remain to be so unless someone comes forward with an alternate way, 
its something to which a mere punishment isnt and was never was the solution 
which could put an end to such ruthless acts and keep them forever away....

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