Tuesday, November 2, 2010

who said public sector co's aint for the young blood.. -pics of the felicitation ceremony organised by PEC (my co), MMTC and STC at Ashoka Hotel on 1.11.2010 for the cwg indian winners...- a look

me neha and pooja
the happy boy who bought a new suit just for saina nehwal--alas her father came to pick the award.. sorry himi :-(

dats renu d female weightlifter gold winner wid lalit happily posing
rajpal apna hockey team captain
d hockey team
manoj d boxer wid me himanshu and anuj

sushil was kinda attacked wid media and people frm everywhere
everyone just trying to fit in..

me with the hockey team guys--first got a pic clicked then could not stop myself from saying dat "u beat england thrashed them then what happend wd d aussies man/..! dey just smiled.. d guy in purple our vice captain..


  1. Good one girl! But seriously, PSUs are grossly misunderstood by the outside world! Especially true for the more efficient ones, such as PEC!

  2. cool Why this has to happen when m not there...:(

    But Pooja is right the PSUs are grossly mistaken...