Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the curious case of courts in the city....

"the curious case of courts in the city"........... (based on personal experiences)

i remember when i was in school and used to argue a hell lot with my parents on any thing possible my dad used to tell me that "tujhe toh vakil banna chahiye bas behes karti rehti hai"".. never thought it might become true some day.. Till i had joined law i never had any idea whatsoever about how the legal profession works. just one fine day on the advice of a friend i filled up the d.u entrance form, went for the exam, cleared it, left my job and took admission in the college..but i have to admit, this legal profession is one of the most interesting professions one can be in.. its unpredictable, involves drowning into books for case research and analysis of various laws, lot of running around from the office, chamber, court, back to office, late nights and back to the grind again the next day..

but what interests me most amidst all this is the experiences one has in the delhi courts..
most of us have seen courts only in movies or heard from friends.. i wish none of u have been involved in any matter which led you to the court and if it did,then god have mercy on you coz u can never know when your case shall be could take months, know the deal.. :)

what happens inside the court rooms remains a secret, as even the media is not allowed to print any pictures of what was happening behind those closed doors.. here also i shall not take the liberty of saying things i am not supposed to but i cant resist myself from telling some general things specially which are harmless and are without any prejudice to anyone..
for eg...yesterday i went to the high court, i was unaware that we had a matter there as it was supposed to have been called on monday..anyhow..not dressed in black and white rather a suit (being a company employed officer we cannot appear as advocate but legal officers) i went around noon as our matter was supposed to come around 12-12.30.. so..i walk inside the lobby which is BUZZING..buzzing with all hustle bustle as if the entire city has some case here.. u look left u look right u see gals, guys, men and women dressed up in black and white holding files going to their respective court rooms. the atmosphere is so charged up you almost wake up if you are feeling sleepy.. and then the D.U LAW FAC ADVANTAGE.. 2 out of every 10 people i see i know i have seen them.. i might not remember their names, they might not even know mine.. but we walk past each other with a faint smile..which gets wider if you both recognize each other.. or you meet people u have been friends with and then it feels like back to college again..

anyhow time to go to the court.. i go inside sit at the behind waiting desperately for my matter to be called at the earliest.. little do i know that the lawyers currently arguing their case are going to spend the next one and a half hour trying to convince the poor judge that each of them is right and stating the true law.. sometimes i feel like dozing off..sometimes i get interested in their arguments, sometimes i just look around at the people who are affected by what the judge says..the anxious look on their faces..i feel sympathetic towards them..and then its 1.30p.m and forget my matter coming, its time for a lunch break..the courts rise the judge leaves and we all come out..
the best thing about this court is the famous canteen/cafe as u may wanna call it..duirng my previous internships when i used to come here.i was told in advance about the yummy food it had the naan, panner, biryani, idli dosa, and so on..
but, the catch is that it is for LAWYERS top it all i was not dressed in the attire required and when i entered the canteen, i had never felt soooo out of place in my my defence, the first face i saw was of my very very old friend, together since nursery, it was a pleasant surprise and i was seeing him after 7 long years..we used to play together, participate in races, do the duty in our stall during the school fete days and later in senior school werent that close as it always happens..anyhow after some chit chat with him, i looked for a place to sit and eat..d waiter was unwilling to serve me and asked me madam ji aap vakil ho na..after convincing him of my job profile he agreed to get me a plate of idli sambhar and while i was staring into the walls another batchmate of mine from college waved at me and so glad i was to see her and went sat with her..
after a quick lunch it was back to the court room hopefully the matter would come up for hearing by 2.30pm, to our misfortune our opposite party counsel had also not graced us with his presence so the odds were not favouring me at this time the chilling a.c. inside the room and in the lobby as well was beginning to give me a headache.. yes if you want respite from the heat, find someone and accompany him here and you shall be really content with the atmosphere i am sure..
waiting and some more waiting.. by 3.30pm...nothing happened.. but we had to wait atleast 4.30 till the judge would call it a day... but then after a while we were told that all those who are here for other matters could kindly leave as there were no chances of anyone else's case being heard today..dejected , bit relieved i came out and headed back to my office.. as i write this i may be told anytime to go as i am supposed to go today as well..but this is part of the deal right..

yes when you enter a court, you feel gosh what everyone in delhi has some legal matter? or gosh how many people have become lawyers really??? talk about having the bar exam trying to churn out, why doesnt the government stop all those unrecognised colleges in n.c.r and small towns who are giving a law degree for peanuts rather than making us sit for another exam again??/

another point, i have only talked about one of the most decent courts in delhi, if i begin to tell about what places like patiala house and karkardooma courts look like and the naalas and garbage bins literally inside them you might change your mind from litigation to something else.. but all this has its own fun and whoever i see as lawyers they seem to be enjoying what they are doing.. and that is how it should be...
life in the legal a own small world..only those who have the patience courage and the passion stick in the longer run..anyone can enter..but if you want to need all this and little more ...
what say...?


  1. really if this is the case of lawyer...imagine what could be the experience of a MANGO MAN.......
    Life is tough par India mein sab chalta hai....:):)

  2. arrey one of my very close frens tried to provoke me by wriitin sum crap here didn even think before writin so no approval but before bein published i get the chance to review the comments..yup m always open to criticism..